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I feel so...

I'm so unsure of where my life should go. I could stay here... being both miserable and insanely happy... both at their respective times mind you. Or I could just up and run away. Find a new place to call my home and give up on everything I've tried to build here. I know that I'm over reacting to so many situations and that usually I'm mad at others because I'm mad at my self. I'm over 100 pages behind in history at the moment, I'm also two weeks behind in math, and I haven't had time to finish my Art project. I had such a good start to the term, and I might loose it all over my own insanity.

Its such a vicious cycle, one begets the other. I am unsure if it will ever really end.

Time for my random updateage

So, yep its me again... *blows dust away*

I'm in my last weeks of summer courses, and the last days of my sanity if things keep up. I'm running my self down, although not intentionally. I HATE my job. loathe, despise... hate it. I hate working with food and angry people and having to fake being happy all the time. I'd be so much happier working in a kitchen somewhere, where I could listen to music and not have to deal directly with customers, or even just as a cashier, Stand at my register and take orders and money. I Hate doing both, out in the open in a place thats rather inadequate.

Damn, that reminds me, I've got a whole lot more Biology Lab questions to do.

I am happy though that I joined the local YMCA. David and I went to the pool for a swim today... but so many kids... oh gosh we won't make that mistake again. But it wasn't the kids who bothered is, well not the little ones. The teenage boys were being asshats and hogging the lap lanes.

Wii Fit

Just got Wii fit, synced my balance board, and decided to go through the profile setup...

Anyone else get a little sad when their Mii changed physical appearance?

Love sucks.

Things change... all the damn time... nothing perfect stays...

its sad...

So, classes start soon... and I'm in a money crunch, and scared to ask my mom and dad for help because I can see it now. "You should have stayed here, at home"


this sucks.


Its been far too long...

So, I've been away from the blog for a bit-- and am just writing to let the soul person who reads this... :Cough:Jenna:Cough: that I'm not going to be updating my LJ any longer. There is no point to having it. So yeah.

You can find me on DA, Myspace, Facebook, Shit-- Even Bebo (which i might not have much longer-- but eh)

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*long sigh*

So, I'm watching these Haloid crossover things on youtube.

*sighs* I have no life-- and after an intense session with my boyfriend I'm also a rather horny person with nothing to do but look forward to sleep. (I don't care if you didn't need to know that-- you know it now.)

Well... I'm off to sleep. Class tomorrow and then the big check depositing date-- then lots and lots of philosophy homework to finish off. Intense to the max.

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Life-- the universe ,and everything....

So it has been a while since I've updated this thing. (Thanks Jenna.)

Life's been absolutely amazing-- like really.

Camp is the past. I liked it but the only thing it did for me was nudge me closer to David. *huggles her Big Damn Hero* Speaking of, he's a lot of the reason I'm so damn happy now.

Its amazing whats right here in front of one's own face for so long. We're five hours away from each other right now but thats okay. I'm happy! And granted I'd be happier if we were closer but I can live with my happy right now.

I'm leaving Mercy. Its official. If I don't get into ESF I plan on going somewhere else upstate. Although I'd be delighted to get into ESF. It just looks so awesome.

Well I'm hungry-- maybe I'll update this later.